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This is an example of the wood frame device used to produce Pom Pom style blankets.


Please Note - This miniature sized frame is designed for use as a form of entertainment, not to produce actual blankets!

The small lap sized frames have been made following a fantastic suggestion by a lady working with elderly people who are going to experiment with this great hobby.


The unit measures 13 x 11 inches on the outer frame and a couple of inches smaller on the inner side.


The stout posts protrude by 2" and are spaced at 1 1/2"


Constructed of pine wood routed around the outer edge to provide more styling, the four sections are held firmly in place by initially being glued then a large screw added this prevents inward bowing when tension is applied to the wool, finally stained an oak colour.


To prevent damage to a polished table surface I have placed felt pads on the corners underneath.


The unit will be dispatched complete as shown in the picture.

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