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This is an example of the wood frame device used to produce Pom Pom style blankets.


The unit measures 28x21 inches on the outer frame and a couple of inches smaller on the inner side, there are an even number of posts on the longer side and an uneven number on the shorter edge.


The stout posts protrude by 2" and spaced at 1 1/2" with the nails being placed to the outer corners making the frame slightly larger than many others being advertised to ensure even spacing of the posts and alignment on all sides without having the corner post too near the edge causing structural failure when the wool is pulled taught. (Yes lesson learnt the hard way)!


Constructed of pine wood routed around the outer edge to provide more styling, the four sections are held firmly in place by inner corner and underside flat angle brackets this prevents inward bowing when tension is applied to the wool, finally stained a medium oak colour.


To prevent damage if the frame was slid around a polished table surface I have added four self adhesive felt pads for the corners underneath, these will be supplied loose for you to attach once the frame is assembled.


The unit will be dispatched as four pieces that require only a screwdriver to reassemble, the corners will be marked to ensure matching joints and a nice neat finish, if you find two additional screws once your frame is assembled don't panic these are spare as I know I normally manage to loose at least one when I build things!


A two piece stand is also available and sold separately, if this is ordered at the same time I will pre-drill the frame so it can be attached and used with no further work required.

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