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QC 29


Box Of Allsorts

Time for something a little larger and something of a puzzle to get in.

Finder has been pre-warned to bring a penny or ferrous object so they can figure how to get in.

Each side has different detail, front has letters A - I which equate to a numerical place in the alphabet, left hand side is numbered 1 - 9 so thats easy and the rear is Roman numerals also I - IV thus providing the first three digits.

The last side has only a few numbers on it but the clue is the multiplication sign at the top, three digits multiplide by?

And your in, nothing too difficult but a decent size and a bit of fun on the way.

This container will need occasional oil on the hinge and lock, our glourious weather isnt kind to cache containers!

The protruding bolt on the front ensures the finders can not adjust the code once opened, theres always somone who thinks it's funny to meddle

A suitable clip lock box log book & pencil are included.

Video Clip - https://youtu.be/ozl2GmK9EZ0

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