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QC 33


The Peep Hole

This stout wooden box is shut with a combination lock and very little externally to show what to do, the write up will of course need to tell people to bring a AA Battery!!!!!


There is a security type spy hole mounted in the front that the finders will check out but there's simply nothing but darkness to be seen!!!


The finder will need to place the battey so the positive & negative are both in contact with the protruding screws to the left hand side of the container this will make everything so much brighter!


There is a 1.5v bulb mounted inside the container that will light up the inside and display the required code that is branded on the rear wall. (A spare bulb will be included with the container, to change the bulb simply unscrew the lid to gain easy access.)


Inside there is a quality Lock n Lock container for the paper log & pencil this is large enough to house small TB's etc.

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